Weird deployment of apps with Spinnaker 1.6.0


I noticed a weird behavior of Spinnaker 1.6.0 running on GKE. When Spinnaker is deployed via halyard 0.42.0, the new versions of pods start to replace the old ones (for example spin-orca-v001-ckctx to replace spin-orca-v000-vb7cs) as shown below:

spin-orca-v000-vb7cs                                         0/2       Terminating   0          1h
spin-orca-v001-ckctx                                         2/2       Running       0          3m

But I noticed that after some time the old version of Orca is restarted for some reason:

spin-orca-v000-xdd2p                                         1/2       Running   0          20s
spin-orca-v001-ckctx                                         2/2       Running   0          4m

As a result the deployment takes too much time and is timed out in the end.

I noticed the same behavior when I tried to deploy an application using Spinnaker 1.6.0 using a simple pipeline with “highlander” strategy. So this looks like an issue in Clouddriver/Orca rather than in Halyard.

I didn’t observe this issue for Spinnaker 1.5.4.

@lwander is this a bug or I have some misconfiguration?

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This seems like a bug – can you file an issue under


@lwander done:


The issue is no longer present in Spinnaker 1.8.5 with clouddriver 3.3.3-20180802154248.