Using node-selector and pod annotations


Please guide how can we provide node-selector labels using halyard. Assuming same will be good for pod annotations. If not please help with instruction.


Joe Hohertz suggested below workout, didn’t tried it yet but putting it there just incase if someone else looking for same thing.

This was done in a hacked up copy of the spinnaker chart, which needs some serious cleanup before I can think of sending PRs… the general approach was to make a new value for the annotation for halyard, and then propagate that to the rest via the service settings. (For now, the same annotation goes everywhere). See what I did to the stateful set below. I’m not sure if similar can be done for nodeSelectors or not.

{{- if .Values.halyard.annotations }}
          TARGETS="clouddriver deck echo fiat front50 gate igor orca rosco"
          for i in ${TARGETS}; do
            printf 'kubernetes:\n  podAnnotations:\n{{ toYaml .Values.halyard.annotations | indent 4 | replace "\n" "\\n" }}' | tee -a ${FNAME}
{{- end }}