Updating application config does not persist


When I update an application’s config in the UI the changes to Permissions (or any other section) is not persistent.

After I change the settings and click “Update”, i see the changes visible. Now, if i refresh the browser window, the changes I made are no longer visible and its basically been reverted. I can confirm this behavior with another member of my team.

Now, if i use the API to update those settings, they are persistent.

We do see in the changes in the S3 bucket, which is really strange.

We are using spinnaker 1.12.9.

I’d appreciate any tips on what potentially could be going on here.





So i’ve got to the point of where to be able to modify the pipeline again.
I had to do the following:

  • Go into the s3 bucket and find my app
  • Modify the application-metadata.json and delete the following keys within the file attributes and cluster.
  • Upload the changed file
  • Reload the app in UI.

After that above I was able to change config in the UI again.

Any ideas what issue is causing this behavior that i’ll need to do this?