Unable to use GitHub Teams authorization



I am attempting to use Github Teams for authorization and have hit the issue described here:

Has anyone else hit this issue and/or know what is causing it? At this point, I cannot use most of the other OAuth providers and so was hoping to get this working.



In case it helps the details of the ticket are:

When I’m trying to configure GitHub Teams authorization as per the docs, I get the the following output:

hal config security authz github edit \
    --accessToken $TOKEN \
    --organization $ORG \
+ Get current deployment
- Get github group membership settings
Problems in Global:
! ERROR Unexpected exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: It
  shouldn't be possible to have multiple
  com.netflix.spinnaker.halyard.config.model.v1.security.RoleProvider nodes. This
  is a bug.

- Failed to get github method.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Follow the documentation for setting up a personal access token
  2. Export ORG and TOKEN variables
  3. Execute command from description


Work around to Halyard bug posted in ticket now: