There is no active load balancer named


Hi ,
we 'r useing Bambu , Spinnaker and Salt for CI/CD process to order to perform deployment.Mostly one of project which is app server facing an issue about deployment. There is not completed successfully pipline on spinnaker .it’s halted or terminal itself.
it’s mean , some instance is up successfull with all configuration after deyloyment but most instances are not up successfully with all configuration.For example, there must be 3 instance up (because of ASG) ) with all configuration but one or two instance up WİTHOUT CONFİGURATİON after deployment .Spinnaker can’t completed process which seems halted ! . if these instances are not up with configuration i going to run "salt " commands (salt-call state.highstate) ) on each machine manualy which are not correctly up.after run salt command by manually there is working properly

i checked spinnaker logs which is clouddriver log , you can see that logs below

D=[bbf3ff68-d049-11e8-97d7-877ec64fb5db], HttpClientPoolPendingCount=0, RetryCapacityConsumed=0, HttpClientPoolAvailableCoun
t=2, RequestCount=1, Exception=1, HttpClientPoolLeasedCount=0, RequestMarshallTime=[0.009], ClientExecuteTime=[55.857], Http
ClientSendRequestTime=[0.234], HttpRequestTime=[48.766], RequestSigningTime=[0.18], CredentialsRequestTime=[0.001, 0.001], H
2018-10-15 07:15:20.659 INFO 15137 — [cutionAction-33] com.amazonaws.latency : ServiceName=[AmazonElas
ticLoadBalancing], AWSErrorCode=[LoadBalancerNotFound], StatusCode=[400], ServiceEndpoint=[], Exception=[ There is no
ACTIVE Load Balancer named ‘XXX’ (Service: AmazonElasticLoadBalancing; Status Code: 400; Error Code:
LoadBalancerNotFound; Request ID: bbf4c23f-d049-11e8-9e67-79296dc89da7)], RequestType=[DescribeInstanceHealthRequest], AWSR
equestID=[bbf4c23f-d049-11e8-9e67-79296dc89da7], HttpClientPoolPendingCount=0, RetryCapacityConsumed=0, HttpClientPoolAvaila
bleCount=2, RequestCount=1, Exception=1, HttpClientPoolLeasedCount=0, RequestMarshallTime=[0.009], ClientExecuteTime=[28.165
], HttpClientSendRequestTime=[0.195], HttpRequestTime=[23.529], RequestSigningTime=[0.231], CredentialsRequestTime=[0.001, 0
.001], HttpClientReceiveResponseTime=[9.752],
2018-10-15 07:15:20.745 INFO 15137 — [cutionAction-45] com.amazonaws.latency : ServiceName=[AmazonElas
ticLoadBalancing], AWSErrorCode=[LoadBalancerNotFound], StatusCode=[400], ServiceEndpoint=[
st-1.amazonaws], Exception=[ There is no
ACTIVE Load Balancer named ‘YYY’ (Service: AmazonElasticLoadBalancing; Status Code: 400; Error Code: Lo
adBalancerNotFound; Request ID: bc031ac4-d049-11e8-b51d-bf155215a90e)], RequestType=[DescribeInstanceHealthRequest], AWSRequ
estID=[bc031ac4-d049-11e8-b51d-bf155215a90e], HttpClientPoolPendingCount=0, RetryCapacityConsumed=0, HttpClientPoolAvailable
Count=2, RequestCount=1, Exception=1, HttpClientPoolLeasedCount=0, RequestMarshallTime=[0.011], ClientExecuteTime=[34.117],
HttpClientSendRequestTime=[0.266], HttpRequestTime=[27.351], RequestSigningTime=[0.238], CredentialsRequestTime=[0.002, 0.00
1], HttpClientReceiveResponseTime=[26.699],
2018-10-15 07:15:20.746 INFO 15137 — [cutionAction-33] com.amazonaws.latency : ServiceName=

NOT: According to Amazon support team , they said that this is related ALB and CLB.also there is “load balancer rate exceed problem”

Amazon support team :
This configuration (API call) must be done in the Spinnaker. I am not saying you will need to change the API call inside the application, but maybe that ALB was added to the application as a Classic Load Balancer and therefore Spinnaker is running API calls designed to CLB. Anyway, I am not going to be available to assist you with Spinnaker, because I am not familiar with it. However, if you can not find a configuration or something that changes the ELB type on it, I would advise you to check directly with the Spinnaker team, because I found a similar issue[1] to what you are facing where the Spinnaker Cloud Driver was using the wrong API call to an ALB ***

it was working properly two days ago, but now we can not deploy over spinnake.
NOT: There are no active ELBs but i checked that there are seems ACTİVE.