Start or Restart Pipeline in Middle


Is it possible to start a spinnaker pipeline in the middle? Or restart a failed pipeline from where it failed and pick up from there?

Our build process does not require pipelines to start from the beginning after a failure. We just fix what is needed and would like to pick up from there. So the ability to start or restart a pipeline in the somewhere in middle would be helpful for us.


I don’t think this is currently possible, but it doesn’t feel like a stretch given how the orchestration engine works now.

@robzienert do you have any thoughts?


ok. it is what it is then. we’ll just work with it. thanks.


In our past architecture, restarting midway was flaky at best or not possible in the normal case. Now, from an internals perspective, we’re technically capable of restarting pipelines halfway-through. Some stages (like Jenkins) today support restarts, but primarily for historical reasons, other stages do not - off the top of my head, there’s really no reason why most or all stages can’t support restarts.

Stages that are restartable must implement an empty interface ( and, I think, may require some UI work to expose the controls.