Spinnaker with Kubernetes


I wanna configure spinnaker with my legacy kubernetes cluster which we use with token based authorization. How can I set up it?. I copied my kubernetes config file to spinnaker and enabled kubernetes using halyad. But I dont have password for my username.


To be clear, are you saying that your k8s cluster is legacy (e.g an older version?) or are you saying you want to use Spinnaker’s legacy/v1 k8s provider to connect to your k8s cluster?

For the latter, the Spinnaker v1 k8s provider does work with token based auth. .kube/config entries for token based auth will only have user.token, no password.


Hey Steven, let me try that method. I have one more question. I am getting error in deck container. Could not reliable determine the servers fully qualified domain name, using set the ‘servername’ directive globally to suppress this message

Help me.with this please

Deck container error


Is it possible to configure spinnaker with particular namespace. Because I dont have access to other namespace also dont have admin access. When I do kubectl get namespace I get error forbidden user cannot list namespace in cluster scope and when I do hal deploy apply I get the same error cannot list namespace in the cluster scope.

Could you please help me with work around with this permission