Spinnaker UI url outside cluster



I am trying to access the spinnaker UI outside my cluster, if I do hal deploy connect it is forwarding to localhost:9000 and localhost:8084 and working. But I want to access using my cluster DNS.

Example: jenkins service is running under namespace default and cluster minikue.

jenkins.default.minikube.example.com --> working fine
minio.default.minikube.example.com > working fine
spin-gate.default.minikube.example.com/ health --> working fine.
spin-gate.default.minikube.example.com —> NOT worrking
spin-deck.default.minikube.example.com --> NOT working

But when i try spin-gate.default.minikube.example.com, it is redirecting to localhost:9000 and without hal deploy connect nothing is running on localhost:9000. What are the option to connect UI without using localhost as I want spinnaker to be used by my colleages