Spinnaker not listing all artifact accounts


I’ve added a Docker Hub account and a GitHub account, and when I try to create a server group I only see the GitHub account as an option for getting artifacts. I clearly see the Docker Hub account info, all accurate and including my repository, in hal config, but I can’t select it when I create a new server group for my application. Any idea of what might be wrong? I’m using the latest Spinnaker master build.


When you created the kubernetes account in hal, did you specify version two as specified here? I had trouble adding quay until I did that.


Thanks @rhuffman. I just checked and I get

      providerVersion: V2

from hal config.


Although it doesn’t say it in the V2 provider, you may need to manually add your docker registry to your kubernetes provider. A combined command might look like this in halyard:

   hal config provider kubernetes account edit [your kube acct] \
    --provider-version v2 \
    --context $(kubectl config current-context)
    --docker-registries [the name of your configured docker registry]


Thanks! Tried that and now in hal config I get:

    enabled: true
    - name: my-k8s-v2-account
      requiredGroupMembership: []
      providerVersion: V2
      permissions: {}
      - accountName: my-docker-registry
        namespaces: []
      context: ben
      configureImagePullSecrets: true
      cacheThreads: 1
      namespaces: []
      omitNamespaces: []
      kinds: []
      omitKinds: []
      customResources: []
      cachingPolicies: []
      kubeconfigFile: /Users/bklein/.kube/config
      oauthScopes: []
      oAuthScopes: []
    primaryAccount: my-k8s-v2-account

But still no Docker Hub in the Artifact Account dropdown when I go to create a server group for my application.


Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? I’m unclear where in the UI you’re looking.