Spinnaker-monitoring client_only never invoked?


@ewiseblatt , when would anything would invoke client_only in the third party install scripts.
I’m looking at adding cloudwatch to spinnaker-monitoring and I can’t figure this out.

Does halyard invoke it, @lwander? From my pass through the code I can’t find it in halyard.

It seems like you need to invoke client_only to get the pip requirements for datadog etc (in my case boto)
but the setup page seems to avoid calling with client_only: https://github.com/spinnaker/spinnaker.github.io/blob/master/setup/monitoring/datadog.md



The --client_only option is just convenience for setting up a client independent of a spinnaker instance. Maybe just for one-off developers like me. I have used it to setup a machine to test monitoring, which is outside a deployment. Normally in a production environment this would already be done. I would say you dont need to worry about it, especially if nothing is to be done.

If you think you should because it is a standard argument, you could just emit a URL link to the standard documentation for how to setup the environment you would use to consume the metrics that the server would be writing.



Hi @ewiseblatt. thanks for the reply. I see that the client options are intended for development.

It seems like you’ve made an effort to keep provider specific packages out of the default requirements.txt.
Do you think I should add boto3 to the general spinnaker-monitoring requirements.txt, or should installing boto3 be explained in the monitoring documentation, which would be https://www.spinnaker.io/setup/monitoring/cloudwatch/?