Spinnaker Logs


I have setup local debian spinnaker. However I do not see any logs.

All Logs under /var/log/spinnaker (except halyard) are all empty

I do not have the /var/log/upstart folder

Could someone help as to what I’m missing


I presume by “local debian spinnaker” you mean your deployment type is “localdebian”

Did you hal deploy apply yet?
Is your deployment running?


I too have this issue. the logs are instead directly writing to /var/log/syslogs.
The directories for each service indeed created under /var/log/spinnaker.

I have installed halyard spinnaker on ubuntu 16.04


yes it’s deployed and running in silence, no logs whatsoever apart from hayard.
sorry for the late reply, my account had got locked.


Were you able to resolve this.


Sorry for not noticing your question on this thread until now.

I think the issue is 16.04. I had originally assumed 14.04. I’ll look into 16.04 this afternoon.
Bharath, I assume you are also on 16.04. If so, stay tuned. If not let me know.


Thanks a lot @ewiseblatt Yes i’m on 16.04


16.04 forces log files to journalctl. I see the empty /var/log/spinnaker/ directories, but those must have been created by halyard or debian package scripts without regard to the platform version. On 14.04 the log files were placed there by the upstart scripts. On 16.04, services are run by systemd instead and systemd forces logs to journalctl.

To see the logfiles, try journalctl -u

The reason you are seeing halyard log file is likely because halyard started from the commandline during the installation bootstrap process, rather than by systemd as the runtime services are.

Ping me if this doesnt match your situation.


The command template I posted earlier should have read “journalctl -u <microservice>”


Perfecto! spot on. I donno how to thank you! have been struggling with this and all troubleshooting has so far been trial and error! Thanks for taking the time to respond @ewiseblatt


Thanks ewiseblatt for your response.
journalctl -u <service_namel> gives detailed logs. However is it possible to redirect those logs into a specific directory based on the service? for example /var/log/spinnaker/gate for gate service?