Spinnaker keeps on spinning when I hit Create Application


I’m using Quick Start which intern uses AWS Cloud Formation to make Spinnaker Up and Running in AWS on m4Large EC2 instance.

I’ve done SSH tunnelling to access Spinnaker DECK UI from my mac. When I hit localhost:9000 UI is shown. But when I tried to create application, the spinner keeps on spinning.

I’ve inspected the logs : /opt/Spinnaker/logs
It’s throwing Exception :
java.net.ConnectException: Failed to connect to localhost/

I’ve also seen the following exception:

Exception :



Parameter 0 of constructor in com.netflix.spinnaker.front50.graphql.datafetcher.PipelinesDataFetcher required a bean of type ‘com.netflix.spinnaker.front50.model.pipeline.PipelineDAO’ that could not be found.
- Bean method ‘redisPipelineDAO’ not loaded because @ConditionalOnExpression (#{${spinnaker.redis.enabled:false}}) resulted in false


Consider revisiting the conditions above or defining a bean of type ‘com.netflix.spinnaker.front50.model.pipeline.PipelineDAO’ in your configuration.

How can I resolve this issue?


@Rajesh_Waran: My guess based on the error message is that you haven’t configured external storage as documented here. Front50 requires some external storage in order to store pipelines (and other data), and is failing to start up due to the lack of such storage.