Spinnaker initial deployment automation

I cannot find any information about installation automation of Spinnaker itself. I would like to automate it from infrastructure perspective and Halyard seems to me very manual. why there is no official terraform script for spinnaker?

If you want to host Spinnaker on GCP, there’s a series of Bash scripts to do that: https://cloud.google.com/docs/ci-cd/spinnaker/spinnaker-for-gcp

But that’s certainly not fully automated, and I find it cumbersome to use. Although it should be much better once External Account Configuration is supported: https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/spinnaker-for-gcp/issues/126

Another option is spingo, a collection of terraform and bash scripts created to install an enterprise scale deployment of spinnaker on gcp.

Full disclosure: I’m one of the authors

There has also been some work by Armory and OpsMX into making Spinnaker Operators (Kubernetes operator). We would like to move to one of these for the same reasons you listed.

Would be have a few minutes to provide some more details on that? Please ping andrew on Spinnaker Slack if so. Ease of initial and ongoing use is definitely very important for us with Spinnaker for GCP, and it would be very helpful to know what friction points you’re running into.

A full infra-as-code approach for Spinnaker for GCP is one of the items we’re working on, incidentally. We’d ideally like users to be able to use the management console to configure Spinnaker as needed, and then “export” that desired configuration for ongoing “as code” management if desired.