Spinnaker as a deployment tool for Hashicorp Nomad

Hi Community

We have a multi cloud infrastructure with AWS, K8 and Hashicorp’s Nomad as well in the picture. Although Spinnaker does wonderful job with AWS and Kubernetes, there is no out of box integration with Nomad. Has someone ever tried to integrate Spinnaker with Nomad?

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Target has talked on their tech blog about their multi-cloud strategy including orchestration of both Kubernetes and Nomad. If I understand it correctly, they built a federation service on top of their 1000s of clusters (spanning both) which uses the Kubernetes API specs so that Spinnaker can sit on top.

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of that layer being available publicly.



Thanks @cbrawn. I also went through the video but its from very high level. Looks like nothing out of the box is available from Spinnaker and some custom stuff have to be written on top to let Spinnaker deploy on Nomad.