Spinnaker Artifacts from Github enterprise



I am trying to setup to pull artifacts from enterprise github, follwed the below setup.

hal config security authz github edit --organixation spinnaker --accessToken --baseUrl https://github.domain.com/api/v3

hal config security authz edit --type github

hal config security authz enable

When I tried to connect the UI and click on application I am getting below error. Could some one provide a sample document for setup.

"Please check your URL - we can’t find any data for application "



Seems like a configuration problem based on the supplied values. The spinnaker github org (https://github.com/spinnaker) is the org that hosts the project’s code repositories.


Hi Ajaz,

The Hal command you are using is for enabling github as the security provider,

For pulling artifacts from github it’s this one,

However It doesn’t seem to support Github Enterprise ( the --baseUrl ) flag isn’t available.

hal config artifact github account edit --baseUrl https://github.mycompany.com

Unknown option: --baseUrl

I’m trying todo this too, I’ll keep you posted on progress.



This shouldn’t be too hard to add as an option to the Halyard commands if you guys are interested in making a contribution to support this.


Did you perhaps get two things confused? There’s the authentication from Github (for users to log in). That’s what you’re trying to set up.

But there’s also github artifacts account (which is probably just the api token). I’ve set this up for gitlab instead of github but as far as I know, they work more or less the same. In practice at least in Gitlab the artifact download is just a HTTP GET with an api token.

Maybe this is what you need to configure instead of the security config https://www.spinnaker.io/reference/halyard/commands/#hal-config-artifact-github-account