Spinnaker API Gateway Ingress 502 Error


I’m working for a spinnaker for create a new CD pipeline.

I’ve deployed halyard in docker container on my computer also deployed spinnaker from it to the Google Kubernetes Engine .

After all of them, i’ve prepared a new ingress yaml file, shown as below.

apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
  name: jenkins-cloud
  namespace: spinnaker
  - http:
      - path: /*
          serviceName: spin-deck
          servicePort: 9000

After accessed spinnaker UI via public IP, I’ve an error, show as below .

Error fetching applications. Check that your gate endpoint is accessible.

After all of them , I’ve checked docs about it and I’ve runned some commands shown as below .

I’ve check the service data on my K8S cluster.

spin-deck          NodePort   <none>        9000:32111/TCP   1h
spin-gate          NodePort    <none>        8084:31686/TCP   1h

For UI

hal config security ui edit --override-base-url "http://spin-deck.spinnaker:9000"


hal config security api edit --override-base-url "http://spin-gate.spinnaker:8084"

After runned these command and redeployed spinnaker , error repeated itself .

How Can I solve this problem? Accessing spinnaker gate from UI .