Spinnaker and jenkins debug


Following this manual https://www.spinnaker.io/setup/ci/jenkins/

and I don’t see jenkins account showing up.

I am using kubectl apply -f https://spinnaker.io/downloads/kubernetes/quick-install.yml on our GKE cluster

and use version 1.7.0

any hints how to debug it? (maybe hit some rest endpoint to see if a service got the account right…)

One thing I notices that Igor service is not present at all in the namespace. maybe it has something to do with that?


Have you included the configuration for your Jenkins instance in the halconfig ConfigMap that you deployed? The default deployment you’ve linked to has:

          enabled: false
          masters: []

It also looks like igor might be disabled by default:

  igor.yml: |
    enabled: false
    skipLifeCycleManagement: true

Maybe flipping that to enabled: true will work? (Not sure if that would be enough, or if there is other configuration that would be needed.)

Hope this helps!


I setup jenkins (I login into hal pod created by that install script and configure it).

but haven’t setup igor. browsing those confugs I also noticed that it is disabled. I didn’t find any documentaion/forum post that igor has to be enabled somehow. is there any doc I can follow? or just go and try to set it to enable?

igor.yml: |
enabled: false
skipLifeCycleManagement: true


@ezimanyi, yep, enabling igor was the trick! I see my jenkins account. Thanks a bunch!

since hal container in GKE now runs under spinnaker not root (can’t install an editor). I run this command (i.e. toggled both flags)

cat << EOF > /home/spinnaker/.hal/default/service-settings/igor.yml
enabled: true
skipLifeCycleManagement: false


Great, glad that worked—and thanks for posting an update here!


I tried the above procedure but when I tried to run : hal deploy apply , on hal pod, I got the below error: home/spinnaker/.hal/default/install.sh must be executed with root permissions; exiting
! ERROR Error encountered running script. See above output for more
details. I’m following the procedure : kubectl exec -it cd-spinnaker-halyard-0 – bash , hal config ci jenkins enable , hal config ci jenkins master add my-jenkins-master --address “” --username admin --password and then: hal deploy apply

Do you know what is the problem ? what is the root password in hal pod ?


@Hoa_Huynh in the ~/.hal/config file add this block with the exact details
enabled: true
- name:
csrf: true

issue the command hal deploy apply
it should work for sure