[SOLVED] How to change spinnaker's services logging level?


Hi all,

I want to debug my Kayenta service. I didn’t find any documentation to do this. I already try adding ~/.hal/default/config/spinnaker-local.yml and ~/.hal/default/service-settings/kayenta.yml with this value:

    com.netflix.spinnaker.kayenta: DEBUG

But it doesn’t work.

How to change spinnaker’s services logging level?
Does halyard provides the command for this?


Have you tried logging.level.root=DEBUG? Maybe you also have to create a logback.xml file. Since Spinnaker uses Spring, you can try to find general information about logging in that framework.


Try moving those settings to the “profiles” directory instead of “service-settings”. I’d also rename to kayenta-local.yaml.

@duftler for more here.


Thanks guy. Finally I found the way to change log level

I add JAVA_OPTS: "-Dlogging.level.com.netflix.kayenta=DEBUG" environment variable at ~/.hal/default/service-settings/kayenta.yml

  JAVA_OPTS: "-Dlogging.level.com.netflix.kayenta=DEBUG"