[SOLVED] Automated Triggers are not working for GCB as the CI

Hello there,

I’ve followed this tutorial https://www.spinnaker.io/setup/ci/gcb/ – but the pipeline never gets triggered even though i’ve written a code to listen to the Google Pub/Sub subscription and the messages are being sent correctly whenever GCB successfully deploys an image into GCR but Spinnaker is not seeing them and therefore not triggering the pipeline.

here is the pipeline configuration:

here is the halyard default configuration regarding enabling GCB as the CI:

      enabled: false
      masters: []
      enabled: true
      - name: k8s-us-central1-cluster
        permissions: {}
        project: project-id
        subscriptionName: spinnaker-cloud-build
        jsonKey: /path/to/.gcp/spinnaker-account.json

Also worth mentioning that, I’ve tried to manually trigger the pipeline, with the Use Default Artifact enabled and it works without a problem.

Which part should I debug in order to understand the cause of the problem?

hal config pubsub google enable

the above command did the job – the documentation did not state that clearly.