Script stage errors unable to find master


I have been trying to get a Script stage configured correctly in my pipeline.
I can never seem to get past the error: “Master ‘master’ not found”
My script is in a GitHub repo, and I have tried a number of different configurations to discover the repo and script, but nothing seems to get me past the error.


The Script stage actually runs the script in Jenkins job. The “master” reference you’re seeing is the failure to find a Jenkins instance to run it in. You can find more info on how to set this up on the jenkins docs.

Relatedly, another option is to do a “Run Job” stage, which allows you to execute an arbitrary container. The point in both situations is to have a reasonable sandbox environment to run arbitrary stuff.


At first it was not clear to me that there was a dependency on Jenkins. I realized that later in the day.
And then I ran into a bug with my version of Spinnaker where I could not have both Travis-CI and Jenkins in the configuration.
Once I added Jenkins to the configuration the Travis-CI configuration reported an error and prevented Igor from starting.

As a side, I never did have success with halyard and Spinnaker. I tried multiple times and never ended up with a working instance. I ended up using Armory to stand it up.


Sure, Armory is a great option too. If you’re ever in a situation to pick up halyard installs again, please post here with halyard error details. Thanks, good luck.