Scheduling a stage in a future date


We have a need to stagger add a delay between stage execution. Let’s say wait for 10 minutes before the next stage is executed.

I see two options right off the bat:

  1. Utilizing cron trigger to schedule an execution, but cron (quartz cron trigger) would not be a good fit since it is
    only for fixed schedule. It also means another pipeline, as the trigger is per pipeline if I understand correctly.
  2. Utilizing conditional execution and utilizing potentiall a complex Spring Expression Languag. I beliueve it can even invoke Java methods. Still exploring that
  3. Scheduling windows again it is for schedule.

Any one done this or can send me in the right direction ?


Any reason the Wait stage wouldn’t work for you?


This is probably what I am looking for did not find it ? please point me in the right direction.



OK found it. Pretty straight forward and will work no need to get fancy. thanks missed it for some reason. Appreciate the assistance in this task.


Good to hear!


Just for documentation purposes. Cron trigger support one time run. Applies for pipeline, e.g.:

10:10am 10th October 2018
0 10 10 10 10 2018

Look at the following URL:

Wanted also to add if someone looks up this in the future that I have misspoken.