Restoring Deleted Pipeline or Application


Is there any way to achieve this kind of requirement of restoring a deleted pipeline or application in spinnaker? Currently we are using GCS as front50 storage engine with versioning enabled. I know that last option is to restore the versioned file in GCS which has the delete marker. But then mapping application and pipeline and other stuff and restoring it using gsutil is bit of a pain.

Would like to hear about if its possible.


Currently, no in-built backup/restore of pipeline, beyond what you describe with GCS mechanisms.

We’re moving toward more options for the backing persistence mechanism, e.g. git, wherein you can just use a number of existing methods to addresses these concerns. Tangibly, we’re working on a CLI for easing API interactions with Spinnaker (e.g. authn/z, better semantics), and we’re actually starting with pipelines. @jacobkiefer is leading this, if you have more questions.


Thanks @stevenkim for the update. Will reach out to @jacobkiefer :slight_smile: