Promote artifacts between pipelines

Hello guys,

I want to achieve the following:

  • have a first pipeline that deploys to a development environment;
  • have a second pipeline that has as a trigger the first pipeline;
  • have an option to list the application version artifact from the first pipeline to choose from, when I want to trigger this second pipeline.

At the moment if I put a pipeline as a trigger for another pipeline, I get by default the list of executions from the source pipeline. I would like to have that list customized to only the versions of deployed application in that list. The application version, or artifact deployed make much more sense when you want to trigger the second pipeline. In case you want to deploy a different version, not the latest one.

For example, here’s what I get in the second pipeline as a choice:

I would like to have the artifact version in that list, instead of execution time and date. The artifact version makes much more sense.

Does anyone know if that’s possible?