Pipeline Execution History for more than 50 pipelines


Currently Spinnaker UI only supports visibility of maximum 50 pipeline executions at any given time. Is there any way to get execution history for more than 50 pipelines? Say retrieving the history of all pipelines in application for a day, where a pipeline might have been executed 200 times in day. My requirement is to check if all the 200 executions of a pipelines were successful or not along with status of all the stages of the pipeline.


There’s no way (at least that I’m aware of) to increase the number of pipelines visible in the UI. But you could use the API directly if you need to programatically query more pipelines.

For example,


would give you the full JSON output of the last 100 executions from the provided pipeline id. You can also add a statuses parameter to filter on the status of the execution. With some parsing of the JSON, you could then surface which stages passed/failed for each pipeline.

The full documentation can be found at:
http://localhost:8084/swagger-ui.html#!/executions45controller/getLatestExecutionsByConfigIdsUsingGET (where you can replace http://localhost:8084 with wherever you are running gate).


@ezimanyi Thanks Eric. For now this is also helpful :slight_smile: