No more "Bake" in 1.6.0?


I’m running 1.6.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 and trying to follow the “Bake and Deploy” example, but the “Bake” type isn’t showing up under “Add Stage”. Does that no longer exist, or has it been replaced with something else?


Hi Nick, the bake stage does exist in 1.6.0. Can you tell us which specific bake and deploy example you’re following (url), and also which provider(s) you’ve configured for the bake operation?


Thanks for answering! I’m trying to do this tutorial:

I know it’s out of date, but when I do New Pipeline->Add Stage, there’s no “Bake” type.

---- Nick


Sorry, forgot to say, I’ve got Kubernetes as the provider.


Hey @NickChase - that tutorial is written for VM based deployments. I would try out one of:

to see the Kubernetes provider in action.

We generally encourage using an external bakery for Spinnaker when deploying docker images.

If you’re running the v2 provider, the bake stage is disabled because there is (for this release) no support for taking the produced docker images from the context of a pipeline and injecting them into a deployable manifest. However we’re currently working on addressing this.