New Installation Shows Unknown


I followed the installation instructions here for installing Spinnaker on Ubuntu but Halyard doesn’t seen to be instantiating properly from what I can tell.

Steps I took:

  1. Install Ubuntu 16.04.5
  2. Log in to the user created.
  3. sudo su -
  4. apt update && apt upgrade -v
  5. exit
  6. curl -O
  7. sudo bash
  8. hal -v. This returns Unknown.
  9. source ~/.bashrc
  10. hal -v. This also returns Unknown.

I did look at the /var/log/spinnaker/halyard/halyard.log file, but there are no errors. I ran ps aux to see if it’s running, and it seems like Spinnaker is running in the background. I did try to reach Spinnaker at http://ubuntu-host:9000 but I got connection refused.

What types of troubleshooting can I take to figure out where the installation failed or isn’t working?


There’s an outstanding bug for that here. The fact that hal -v prints Unknown should not affect other functionality of Halyard, and you can follow that Github issue for the fix.


Ah okay, great!


I need one clarification

which is official release and working site ??