Monitoring Docker registry requests (GCR limits)


We’re running Spinnaker 1.6.1 to deploy applications on GKE. Those application images are located in GCR that has rate limits:

The rate limits per client IP address are:
10,000 HTTP requests every 10 minutes
250,000 HTTP requests per day

From time to time we start receiving responses from GCR with code 429 (Too Many Requests).

We did the math: calculated the number of Docker Registry accounts we have and multiplied by the polling rate and saw that we never come close to those limits.

It would be nice to have some logging/monitoring in place about the polling requests that cloudddriver does to GCR but unfortunately it’s disabled in the code:

    this.registryService = new RestAdapter.Builder()
      .setClient(new OkClient(client))

Is there a way to find out the exact amount of Docker registry requests that are made during a period of time?