Missing script stage type


Installed version 1.8 however script is not available under stage types:

currentDeployment: default
- name: default
  version: 1.8.0

  enabled: true
  - name: torinfkube01
    requiredGroupMembership: []
    providerVersion: V2


Hey @Steve_Szabo I’ve just done a quick sanity check: I deployed Spinnaker 1.8.0 with Halyard, created a new application with a k8s v2 provider, and then created a new pipeline. The Script stage appeared for me in the stage type dropdown without any further config.

So I’m wondering what could be causing problems here:

  • Does Clouddriver log any errors related to the k8s v2 provider?
  • Are you able to see manifest stages such as “Deploy (Manifest)” in the stage type dropdown?
  • Do you have any other providers configured for the Application where you’re checking for the Stage dropdown?
  • Do other K8s v2 stages succeed when pipelines are run (for example, if you run a pipeline with a simple Deploy (Manifest) stage, does it complete successfully)?


After clearing my browser cache script is available, thanks


Ah, thanks for the update! Starting with release 1.8.1 we’re adding cache-busting parameters to the application’s javascript that should hopefully fix problems like these.