Manual Judgement error "There was an error recording your decision"


When approving a Manual Judgement in a Spinnkaker pipeline, we get the error “There was an error recording your decision. Please try again.” This happens with multiple users, even with an admin user. Anybody has an idea how to fix this?


@winlam does this happen consistently?

Can you capture logs from orca and front50 when this fails and share them in a gist?


It looks like the pipeline is continuing (and that the manual judgment succeeded, even though there’s an error message). Is this purely a UI bug?


Yes, it happens consistently. However, the pipeline still continues and succeeds when we approve the manual judgement.
Here’s the gist of both front50 and orca logs:


What version of Spinnaker are you running on? I’m wondering if this has been fixed. If you could paste the contents of the execution JSON (click “source” next to “permalink” on the bottom right of the execution view), that would also be helpful.


We are on Spinnaker 1.6.0 and Halyard 0.42.0-20180302093153. I’ll do an upgrade and see if that fixes it.