Local Setup of Spinnaker


By trade I am a developer, and new to devOps. I am trying to leverage Spinnaker for my Company to help us with our deployment process. We are not big company, but we still need CI/CD system. I am trying to understand Spinnaker concepts before I move to installation quest :slight_smile:

We basically need:

  1. Push to gitHub.
  2. Jenkins does it 's Job.
  3. Spinnaker picks it up.
  4. Runs the application/pipeline and pushes the application to whatever environment.

I have read almost all the tutorials (which are EXCELLENT), but still I am unable to make proper decision how to proceed.

Given our requirements this is what I decided to use (Hope not to wrong):

  1. Install Hal on AWS/EC2
  2. Setup AWS (Following the guides)
  3. Make local installation (on EC2) of Spinnaker

This setup looks like to be much easier then the one with Kubernets, but here are the questions:

  1. What do we loose if we dont use Kubernetes?
  2. Guide mentions that Spinnaker might be unavailable when it’s being updated. What does that mean? How often that happens?
  3. Do we still have capability to use one click deployments, of course with appropriate applications/pipelines?
  4. Can we still select for example, 2 EC2 instances for QA, and maybe more EC2 instances for production?
  5. If I decide to go kubernetes way, then do I still need Jenkins?

Please forgive me for probably newbie questions, but I am trying to cope.
Since we are small company, I think we do not need Distributed environment.

Thank you so much for this great product, as it makes me look like I know what I am doing.