LDAP Authz issue


I have issue with getting ldap authz working, I have setup ldap auth and other requisite for authz.
My understanding is a groups from ldap can used as a roles at spinnaker and those roles can be assigned respective permission for pipeline application, accounts.

I got the following config from my ldap team and we manage only at the root level of ldap and hence don’t have any “dc” config for ldap. But the following command and redeploying doesn’t bring up spinnaker. I would like to know what’s the issue with the config if any?

hal config security authz ldap edit --url=ldap://<my_org>:389 --user-dn-pattern=cn={0},ou=users,o=my_company --group-search-base=ou=Groups,o=my_company --group-search-filter="(uniqueMember={0})" --group-role-attributes=cn

Note: ldap is not TLS. I dont require manager credential.