Kubernetes V2 timeout


Hi All,
I am getting timeout on almost all the operations of v2 (creating Service, Deployments) . This marks my deployment as failed where as in the background deployment continues.

I am using Spinnaker on GCP using K8s deployment. Also all my dpeloyment are on GCP K8s clusters


Assuming the actual amount of time the deployment takes on k8s is not the concern here, you can increase the default stage timeout in its Execution Options section.


Default stagetimeout is already set to 30 min(Default) and I have tried increasing it as well. But the problem is that the force cache referesh gets timed out in 20seconds and I am not able to find an option to change that. This is not an issue in V1 but only happening in V2


Hey @amol this is a known issue in 1.7 that will be fixed via a few changes in 1.8. Check this issue for details: https://github.com/spinnaker/spinnaker/issues/2494