Kubernetes Service Mesh Adoption (istio)


It’s going to be important going forward that Spinnaker’s implementation around Kubernetes can also deal with “Service Mesh” constructs like Istio. I think it would be good to get some discussion started and scoping around how best we can integrate that within this ecosystem. I’m not sure the V2 provider will really be able to solve this directly unless there’s something I may have missed. Let me know what you all think.


Why wouldn’t the v2 provider be able to solve this? Istio relies on kubernetes manifest definitions to deploy the service mesh, as well as sidecars for all of your services. Those sidecars can either be injected as config, or by the Kubernetes master.

What’s interesting is what kind of best-practices or orchestrations we can promote. e.g. How do we integrate Spinnaker’s auth model with Istio’s? Do we surface traffic splitting as a first class operation, or do we have users always define these by hand? etc…

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Ok, that makes sense.


Oooh a staged rollout that took advantage of Istio’s traffic shaping would be super cool.


I also think having this integrated to allow shaping traffic would be cool/nice. I was toying with a manual approach to using Linkerd with spinnaker since thats what we use .


Do you mind sharing your linkerd rollouts @camechis? Even at a high level, I’d love to see what these deployments look like.


I haven’t implemented it yet but as soon as I get a chance to try it out I will give a break down


We are interested in contributing to this effort. Would love to set up a meeting to discuss the effort involved. Who are the right people for us to contact?


An integration with istio would be awesome.


Right now we’re waiting to see how people use Istio with the Kubernetes v2 provider without additional Istio-specific support. If we see clear patterns emerge, or you have any suggestions for how the integration can be made stronger (by injecting the right Istio configuration, surfacing data provided by Istio in Spinnaker, or something we haven’t thought of) sharing here is a great place to get started.

To be clear, the new Kubernetes v2 provider (in early alpha the next week or so) allows you to deploy Istio manifests as they are just custom Kubernetes resources. Maybe it’ll be the case that this is a deep enough integration (but that doesn’t seem likely).


Really looking forward to istio can be integrated.This is a very good experience.

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Ah Yes, we are currently looking at istio usage ourselves while also using spinnaker. Curious about how to leverage Istio routing in a spinnaker canary deployment.


Traffic Management capabilities and controlling percentage for both blue green and canary deployments. A few too many conversations around this one feature. Someone can do a chaos module also but…meh.


Hi All,

Looking for GKE & Istio configuration. Can you share any samples for achieving this.