Kubernetes Community Involvement


After attending Kubecon last week, I came away with a few thoughts on how the Spinnaker community might engage the Kubernetes community to drive adoption. I’m interested in hearing other’s thoughts on this.

One of the biggest themes I saw over and over again was around CD and how to effectively deliver Kubernetes application to production. I kept saying in my head “just use Spinnaker”, but it was obvious that it wasn’t a widely known solution. I had the chance to attend a sig-apps meeting where multiple people asked things like “what’s the best way to deploy” and “how can I run database migrations as part of my deployment pipeline”. All of these are problems that Spinnaker is positioned to solve, but the knowledge isn’t out there.

Some potential things we could do as a community to drive adoption might be:

  1. attend sig-apps meetings and have a presence in some part of the community. Spinnaker, while being multi-cloud, is still a great application within the Kubernetes ecosystem and I think it would be great to spread the word. For me, I think I will start attending these meetings to see a) there the community is headed and b) what the community wants out a tool in this space.

  2. More documentation around what it means to deploy to Kubernetes with Spinnaker. This could come in the form of blog posts, videos, code labs. Spinnaker solves the CD problem in a unique way, but I think a big hurdle is just knowing how to use it to achieve the goal.

If anyone has anymore thoughts about what we could do to engage the Kubernetes community, lets hear them!


This sounds great. Speaking to point 2 - If you (or anyone) has ideas for guides on spinnaker.io please share them here or submit a PR. Even simple things like “How do I deploy config changes” or “how do I deploy a sidecar” make for great guides demonstrating all that Spinnaker can help you do.


Great point @lwander! I’ve started working on a blog post on how to deploy database migrations as part of a deployment pipeline. Do you think that would be best suited as a guide on spinnaker.io or a blog post?


Either works great - @ttomsu can you cross-post that onto blog.spinnaker.io?


Yep - is it already posted?


Yep! https://medium.com/@e_frogers/deploying-database-migrations-with-spinnaker-and-kubernetes-6e6761f9d28a


Done - https://blog.spinnaker.io/deploying-database-migrations-with-spinnaker-and-kubernetes-6e6761f9d28a

Thanks for writing that up!!