Issue while creating server group


Hi All,

I am unable to create new server group as the Add button on the page remains disabled.

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Which cloud provider are you using? And which Add button are you referring to? Is this the ‘Create Server Group’ button on the Infrastructure > Clusters page?



I am using GCP and I am getting this while creating deploy stage in pipeline and click on create server group.

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When you see this in a deploy stage of a pipeline, are you seeing that you simply can’t create the stage at all, or that you see an error when it runs. If you see an error when it runs, do you mind sharing the error message? And a screenshot of what you are seeing might be helpful as well—I’ve not seen a case before where creating a server group is completely disabled so am not sure I understand what is happening.


Thank you for your response.
I think the issue was with GCP test deployment of spinnaker. I have discarded the the problematic instance and created new and it seems to be resolved the issue.