Issue while adding account to spinnaker on gke


We are trying to setup Spinnaker on GKE using following official document

We managed to set up a simple working pipeline and were able to add Jenkins using “hal”. When we are trying to add a new account under GKE provider we are landing into below issue when we apply hal changes:

+ Preparation complete… deploying Spinnaker

+ Get current deployment


- Apply deployment


Problems in Global:

! ERROR Failed to backup user file:


- Failed to deploy Spinnaker.

The file " /home/spinnaker/.kube/config" does not exist on cd-spinnaker-hal pod. Is there any way to manually update default hal configuration? Hal pod seems to be sudo protected doesn’t allow to perform any sudo actions and hence we are not able to install any file editor package.

Considering we are new to Spinnaker setup on GKE, if there is a better way to do achieve this let us know or if there is a way to rename the default account under clouddriver


Hey sweetib!

The easiest way to add more clusters is to get your kubeconfig in the right shape on your local machine then use kubectl cp to upload it to the Hal pod. Once its in Hal you can add your clusters using the normal hal commands:

For more info on getting the right creds into your kubeconfig look here: