Introducing new provider accounts without full Spinnaker redeployment [solved]



Is it possible to redeploy only subset of Spinnaker services after new provider accounts are introduced?


We use Spinnaker 1.6.1 running on GKE to deploy applications to GKE. Each application has its own kubernetes and docker-registry provider accounts. So whenever a new application is created we need to introduce 2 new provider accounts in Spinnaker (Kubernetes and docker-registry).

The canonical way to do it is to add them via hal config provider docker-registry account add and hal config provider kubernetes account add followed by hal deploy apply. However the drawback of such approach is that it leads to full Spinnaker redeployment which takes quite some time.

On the other hand it’s possible to redeploy only a subset of Spinnaker services. So one would think that in our case only redeployment of clouddriver is necessary. However the new accounts do not show up in the UI after I redeploy clouddriver and deck via:

hal deploy apply --service-names deck clouddriver monitoring-daemon


Actually it does work. I had another problem in my setup that prevented accounts from being available even after full redeployment of Spinnaker. After the problem was fixed I saw that the new accounts appearing after clouddriver redeployment.