Installing Spinnaker on EKS


I’m installing Spinnaker via Halyard on a EKS (AWS) cluster that was created by our IT team with their cloudformations.
This cluster have a limited namespaces, and I have a kubeconfig to access to a single namespace called “tdc-apps”.
So, I configured with halyard:

  • kubernetes v2 account
  • distributed installation
  • S3 storage (already created too)
  • last version available
hal config provider kubernetes enable
hal config provider kubernetes account add spinnaker-account --provider-version v2 --context tdc-apps --kubeconfig-file ~/.hal/kube/config_apps-user
hal config provider kubernetes account edit spinnaker-account --add-namespace tdc-apps
hal config features edit --artifacts true
hal config deploy edit --type distributed --account-name spinnaker-account
hal config storage s3 edit --bucket s3-spinnaker --root-folder front50 --access-key-id xxxxxx --secret-access-key
hal config storage edit --type s3
hal version list
hal config version edit --version 1.9.4
hal deploy apply

I got this error: Failed check for Namespace/spinnaker in null
Error from server (Forbidden): namespaces "spinnaker" is forbidden: User "system:serviceaccount:tdc-apps:apps-user" cannot get namespaces in the namespace "spinnaker"

        at ~[halyard-deploy-1.10.1-20180912131447.jar:1.10.1-20180912131447]
        at ~[halyard-deploy-1.10.1-20180912131447.jar:1.10.1-20180912131447]
        at$deploy$0( ~[halyard-deploy-1.10.1-20180912131447.jar:1.10.1-20180912131447]
        at java.util.ArrayList$ArrayListSpliterator.forEachRemaining( ~[na:1.8.0_181]
        at$Head.forEach( ~[na:1.8.0_181]
        at ~[halyard-deploy-1.10.1-20180912131447.jar:1.10.1-20180912131447]
        at ~[halyard-deploy-1.10.1-20180912131447.jar:1.10.1-20180912131447]
        at ~[halyard-deploy-1.10.1-20180912131447.jar:1.10.1-20180912131447]
        at$deploy$20( ~[halyard-web-1.10.1-20180912131447.jar:1.10.1-20180912131447]
        at$ ~[halyard-core-1.10.1-20180912131447.jar:1.10.1-20180912131447]
        at$submitTask$1( ~[halyard-core-1.10.1-20180912131447.jar:1.10.1-20180912131447]
        at ~[na:1.8.0_181]

But I didn’t configure a namespace called spinnaker… Is it mandatory to install Spinnaker in a namespace spinnaker?
The ‘forbidden’ error is caused because with the actual permissions the account can’t ask for a kubectl get namespace. I’m waiting for that new permission from the IT team.

Besides, I have doubts with the Kubernetes accounts configured with Halyard. I configured an account for the intstallation of Spinnaker, but I will have to configured another accounts for each application/environment we are to deploy (on diferent EKS). Isn`t it?


hal config deploy edit --type distributed --account-name spinnaker-account --namespace tdc-apps

and try

or add location in config file —> location: tdc-apps
artifact: true


Thank you very much @Mohammed_Ajaz
I will include the parameter location in hal-config-deploy-edit

--location: This is the location spinnaker will be deployed to. When deploying to Kubernetes, use this flag to specify the namespace to deploy to (defaults to 'spinnaker')


I was using AWS for distribution
hal config deploy edit --type distributed --account-name spinnaker-account

Problems in default.deploymentEnvironment:
! ERROR Account spinnaker-account not defined.

can I know where to define the account ?