Implementing new cloud provider


I realize that implementing a new cloud provider is not an easy task as mentioned in the FAQ.

However, for Spinnaker to maintain its viability as the top choice for multi cloud CI, new providers will have to be implemented on a regular basis. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any docs on implementing new cloud providers beyond advice to look at the Kubernetes provider commit stream. While the Kubernetes provider code is a good reference of a full fledged provider, it’s not easy to grok how to go about implementing a new provider. Secondly, most providers are implemented in Groovy whereas Kotlin is the current preferred language.

So, what I would like to implement is a simple ‘logging cloud provider’ which implements a simple cloud provider which simply logs the invoked operations and returns success. The intent here is to have a small easy to understand implementation of a cloud provider with good documentation which can be used as a reference and learning tool by new implementers of cloud providers.

Is this something that would be useful ? If yes, what would be the best place to start ?

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Any guide for new provider

I would like to implement my own cloud driver as well.


I would go to implement new provider too, any update on this?