How to invoke integration tests in Spinnaker pipelines?


hi, there,
We are eveluating Spinnaker + k8s to improve our CICD systems for some java services (spring boot+tomcat+mvn). We’d like to run integration test cases after a pre-production deployment is completed with a Spinnaker pipeline. The closest solution we can find is to add a script stage to run scripts from a git repository for preliminary curl-based validation. This doesn’t seem to be sufficient to run test cases with mvn.
other options, with external dependency or extra deployment, we are considering includes

  1. invoke a Jenkins job (we need to figure out how to pass deployment info to the job)
  2. deploy a maven container to run mvn test… (we use mvn for build and testing).

How do you conduct integration testing in your pipelines? Any suggestion or feedback will be appreciated.