How to display the elapsed time of individual stages


I have a quirky situation. On one computer, my FireFox browser updates the elapsed time of each stage and shows each stages total elapsed time.

But on another computer, using the same version of FireFox, there are no elapsed times for any stages. Just an overall duration.

Anybody know how the elapsed time of each stage can be enabled? I have no idea why each stage’s elapsed time shows on one computer while it doesn’t on another, both using Windows 7 and the same 32-bit version of Firefox.

The version which shows the elapsed time of each stage has a “-” when it’s a skipped stage. On the other computer, every stage is a blank (no text) rectangle.

Same pipeline being displayed.


This sounds to me like a text encoding issue but I haven’t seen this manifest before and I believe Deck is doing the right things to ensure its content is treated as UTF-8. As a quick sanity check can you hit F10 in Firefox on the computer that’s having trouble, then open the View menu and tell me whether the “Text Encoding” menu item is greyed out or not? If it’s not greyed out then it sounds like the page’s encoding is being misinterpreted.

Do you have any kind of Firefox language settings in place on one browser that you don’t have on the other? (visible under Preferences > Language or typing navigator.language into the browser console and hitting return)

Can you take a screenshot of the rectangle in the context you’re seeing it in and paste it in this thread?

Also, if you right-click on the rectangle and choose “Inspect Element” this should open the developer console to a line that looks something like <div class="col-md-3 text-right">-</div>. Can you take a screenshot of that line and include it here as well?


Also, is the clock set to the same thing on both machines?


One other thought: Do you see any errors in the browser console?


Wow … okay, replying to the email somehow caused one whacky post.

Hi Scott.

On both computers, F10 -> View -> Text Encoding is greyed out (not selectable).

Preferences -> Language are both using the same “English/United Stated [en-us]”

Preferences -> Language and Appearance using the same default (Times New Roman)

Advanced: Fonts for Latin, Proportional: Serif, Serif: Defauilt (Times New Roman), Sans-serif: Default (Arial), Monospace: Default (Courier New). Fallback Text Encoding: Default for Current locale

See below for “Inspect Element” screenshot.


Now, on the computer where the elapsed time in each stage shows, the element looks different.

Please see below.


One quick suggestion: have you tried clearing browser cache on the firefox having problems? (Ctrl + F5 or by Shift+Clicking on the refresh icon)


I tried clearing the cache (Options -> Privacy & Security -> Cookies and Site Data -> Clear Data

Doesn’t help.

BTW, I should have mentioned this before but I have the same “blank rectangles” when using Chrome (same symptom on both computers, whereas Firefox displays elapsed time on one of the two computers).

I forgot the mention, the time is network synced so they should be exactly the same time.

I asked some colleagues and they get “blank rectangles”. Now I’m wondering, why is my one instance of Firefox giving elapsed time when nobody else seems to be able to see it (I checked three different colleagues, same blank rectangles without any elapsed time showing in any stage).


Just realised there’s a checkbox at the top of the pipeline list, “stage durations”. Try checking that and confirming whether the durations appear on the machine that doesn’t have them.



In the immortal words of Homer Simpson: D’oh!

Checking that little box was all it took. Now, my browsers on both computers show elapsed stage time. I was looking so hard for a setting that I missed the one that’s right in front of me.

Thanks a bunch!