How do we make security setup easier?


There are numerous gotchas to setup a secured instance, and it’s highly dependent on how the admin chooses to architect the network: load balancers, where SSL is terminated, DNS setup, Gate/Deck auth dance.

What can we do to make it better/easier?


How much of it is reasonable to have Halyard automate as well?


Hi’, i’m trying to implement, SAML with Azure storage(spinnaker 1.5.4), for authentication part is working fine, for Authz i’m seeing this error:{“error”:“Unauthorized”,“message”:“Authentication Failed: Error validating SAML message”,“status”:401,“timestamp”:1515783558641}
Any idea?


Hi @vijinj - you’d get better real-time support in the chat room:

At first glance, that looks like an authentication error, since for SAML, authentication and authorization is usually handled in the same call.