High CPU Usage on Spinnaker VM

Hello, I’m running Spinnaker on Ubuntu and using Kubernetes V2 provider in GCP.
At some point the CPU usage has gone up to 100% on the VM. The culprit seems to be a large number of kubectl commands that in turn spawn “gcloud.py config config-helper” processes.
Besides the fact that the VM crashed at some point I don’t see any issues in Spinnaker operations but the CPU spike was sudden, one day about 2 weeks ago it just went up from around 50% to 100%.
This is how one of the kubectl commands looks like:
spinnak+ 11014 26216 3 18:07 ? 00:00:00 kubectl --kubeconfig=/home/spinnaker/.hal/default/staging/dependencies/2054179555-config --context= --namespace= -o json get BackendConfig,BGPConfiguration,CapacityRequest,ClusterInformation,FelixConfiguration,GlobalBGPConfig,GlobalFelixConfig,GlobalNetworkPolicy,GlobalNetworkSet,HostEndpoint,IPPool,ManagedCertificate,networkPolicy,ScalingPolicy
If this is just normal polling of the clusters by clouddriver, is there a way to configure the polling interval so it is not so resource intensive?
I don’t mind doubling the resources on the VM, but seems weird that at some point it just started using twice as much CPU and we only added one cluster during this period of time.
There is a similar github issue https://github.com/spinnaker/spinnaker/issues/3962, it’s closed but unresolved.