Help build a hilarious Spinnaker custom Waze navigation voice


Hi Everyone!

Please join us in creating a custom Spinnaker Waze navigation voice. Something light and funny that we can build together as a community.

There are 2 parts to help out with:

  1. Throw ideas around (the more CI/CD / Spinnaker related / hilarious - the better). Just add comments in the doc.
    You can see ideas of a similar hilarious nautical voice and help throw ideas around, until we can make this the best (and probably the first in the world) CI/CD navigation voice ever :slight_smile:

  2. Record the custom voice (it takes 15 minutes on a cell phone with the Waze app).

The idea is to give this custom Spinnaker navigation voice to the community, and announce it in an upcoming joint Waze, Netflix, Google Spinnaker presentation in July 2018 at GCP Next 2018 (San Fransisco).