Having trouble with http/file artifacts


I’m trying to build a pipeline using a helm chart from github (public stable chart).

I have spinnaker deployed in GCE via helm, and can get to the UI to create the pipeline. I’ve enabled http artifacts and ran “hal deploy apply” to update the deployment.

I’ve defined the artifact as http/file, put in a URL to a pre-baked (helm template output) version of the chart. Without using a default artifact I get a failure about an unmatched artifact, with a default artifact, using the same url, the deploy fails for a different reason (NPE if I remember correctly).

I did not define authentication for the request, none is required.

I’ve tried this with the version of spinnaker defined in the stable/spinnaker chart and with v1.13.4. With the older version even after enabling http/file I don’t see it in the artifact type list, so I edited the pipeline JSON by hand. With v1.13.4 it shows up. Also with v1.13.4 I don’t have an option to specify the authentication to use.

If someone could point me at the JSON for a working example that’d be helpful.