HalException: Field KubernetesAccount.kinds not supported


I walked through the spinnaker deploy steps, for a distributed deployment of Spinnaker. I setup a legacy Kubernetes provider, minio as a storage provider, and a docker registry. When I deployed, I got the following error:

com.netflix.spinnaker.halyard.core.error.v1.HalException: Field KubernetesAccount.kinds not supported for Spinnaker version 1.6.0: Configuring kind caching behavior is not supported yet

I didn’t see anywhere in the setup instructions that addressed “KubernetesAccount.kinds”. Any ideas?


When you configured your Kubernetes provider, did you add a --kinds flag? That’s supported for V2 of the Kubernetes provider only at this point (https://github.com/spinnaker/halyard/blob/master/docs/commands.md#hal-config-provider-kubernetes-account-add).