Google Cloud Memorystore


Has anyone had success replacing the k8s redis with memorystore? We have completed the section Configure a Spinnaker-wide Redis but gate (for one) fails with a bunch of jeddis connectivity errors.


For anyone looking, you need to enable Enable VPC-native (using alias IP) on your cluster to allow it to work. We were using Terraform to create our cluster and the feature to enable that just was released 2 days ago for the Google Terraform provider.


The other think you’ll need to configure is to set the config parameter notify-keyspace-events to gxE in the Memorystore instance configuration, as detailed here:


Yup, we had done everything that was documented but needed to do the platform specific change above. Thanks!


Thanks, Any way to take backup of pipeline execution data from memorystore?


I’m not aware of any Spinnaker-specific way to back up the execution data; there might be existing ways of snapshotting/backing up Redis data in general that would work for this, but I’m not an expert in that area.


I have added notify-keyspace-events to gxE

also followed each steps still my gate not working