Google Cloud Launcher Deployment Broken?


I’m trying to get the Cloud Launcher working with App Engine on Google Cloud. It appears to work when App Engine is not ticked in the launcher but fails when it is ticked.

“/metadata/items/5/value”: domain: validation; keyword: type; message: instance does not match any allowed primitive type; allowed: [“string”]; found: “null”

This is the reported error…

Any thoughts?


Thanks, I’m able to repro by leaving git user/pass in the App Engine section empty. For the time being, if this is urgent, try putting in fake values for those two to get the deployment to get past that validator. We’ll work on updating the jinja template properly.


Thanks Steven

In the end I decided to pass on Spinnaker because it’s not possible to use Google Cloud Repository as far as I can see…


You’re welcome. With regard to Cloud Source Repository, what is the use case you’re looking to do? (e.g. trigger off commits)


Yes - I don’t want to keep things on GitHub - It’s just another thing to manage.


Thanks for the info. I’ll reach out to the Source Repository team to see what their status/plans are for pub/sub or webhook support, which would allow Spinnaker pipelines to automatically trigger based on CSR events.


I’ll be waiting for status. I´m interested in CSR with spinnaker.


Hello there, PM for Cloud Source Repos here.

We do have pub/sub support for CSR in our release pipeline. The eng work is mostly complete and we hope to roll this out within the next few weeks. For every git push, a pub/sub event will be sent to a topic that you can configure. The event should contain all of the information you need to trigger downstream processing, like Spinnaker. Keep an eye on the CSR product page for the release.


OK Thanks!