Good combination for k8s manifests?


OK, I spent literally all weekend on this and I’m at the end of my tether.

I’m trying to deploy a spinnaker install with the ability to deploy an app to Kubernetes. I’d prefer to be able to use manifests, and to be able to deploy to 2 different clusters, but that’s optional, as I’m up against a really tight deadline.

Unfortunately, every combination of versions and methods I try seems to have a different problem. If someone could please just say, “use this on that” I would be eternally grateful. Here are some examples of what I’ve run up against:

  1. Quick install (kubectl apply -f installs great, but it gets stuck on the “hello” screen. (Used port forwarding.)
  2. S3 seems to break any version 1.7+, but GCS just hangs.
  3. 1.6 installs, but the kubernetes account doesn’t show up.
  4. One click Google install hangs if you enable Kubernetes support.

I’m sure there’s something simple I’m overlooking. I’m willing to use any method on any cloud at this point.


---- Nick


@NickChase can you try 1 again, and collect the following:

a) kubectl get po -n spinnaker

b) kubectl logs <gate-pod-name> -n spinnaker

c) kubectl logs <clouddriver-pod-name> -n spinnaker

Please put the logs in


Thanks, @lwander!

and for good measure, front50.log, showing the fact that s3 fails with an “unknown key” :
(This happens for both AWS and Minio.)

Note that I’m using GKE.

Thanks so much for the help!!!

---- Nick


Thanks @NickChase – can you show the kubectl get po output as well? I’m going to try pinning that manifest set to a specific version of Spinnaker.

What version of K8s is this BTW?

Edit: It’s OK that front50 is warning that keys are missing – the client library just logs everytime you hit a non 200 error code, and there is no other way to check if a key/file exists.


Thanks, @lwander

Here you go:

Server version is v1.8.8-gke.0. I can use 1.9.6 if that’s helpful.



1.8.8 should be fine.

I’ve updated that template to pin a specific version of spinnaker (1.7.3) – can you try deleting the spinnaker namespace and redeploying?


It’s a beautiful thing. Thank you, @lwander!!!


It’s a beautiful thing.

I take it that means it worked? :slight_smile:


It does. :slight_smile: Thank you!