GCP: How to add account to access different project


I have created 4 projects in GCP. Dev, Stage, Prod and DevOps. My Spinnaker instance is setup in DevOps project. I want to configure Spinnaker accounts for each environment refering to each project above. I am referring to the instructions here which works fine for same project i.e. DevOps

How do I setup different account for each project?


You’ll want something on the order of:

hal config provider google account add [dev | staging | prod | devops] --project $PROJECT_ID --json-path /path/to/credentials/$PROJECT_ID.json

The full instructions for setting up GCE accounts are here


I added an account but when later deleted the account using instructions here then I got internal server error in Spinnaker UI because it was looking for the deleted account.

I did hal deploy apply many times and hard refresh in browser. Still no success.

Do I need to do some cleanup after deleting an account?


Hmm… sounds like there are some details missing here - If you’re still having an issue, I suggest heading over to the chat room (http://join.spinnaker.io/) and asking your question in #general.

Sorry I can’t be of more help.